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Our PC tune-up is one of the most popular service due to the fact of the improvement often experienced.
80% of computers running and booting up slowly is usually caused by adware, corrupt or defective app, unwanted software, not enough RAM or a combination of all these.

If your PC has slowed down and making it unpleasant to use, try our tune-up service, you'll be glade you did.
Over time, software can be installed without your knowledge, like adware, toolbar's, email programs, registry cleaners, speed boosters, etc. which will slow down your PC and your internet experience.
We have the expertise to quickly catch these installs and remove them. We also check the registry, startup programs, browsers, and much more.

Common improvements after tune-up!

  • Boot up faster to your desktop.
  • Most pop-up messages are gone.
  • Error messages are gone.
  • Programs open faster.
  • Internet browsing is faster.

Other causes of computer slowness

When the above scenarios are not the problem, then it's usually the hard drive. The hard drive can fail by no longer spinning at the correct RPM. There are two common speeds, 7200 RPM and 5400 RPM (5400 RPM hard drives are usually found in laptops). The higher the RPM, the faster the hard drive can read and write the data, making the computer work faster. We can diagnose your hard drive to see if it has slowed down at no cost.
If the hard drive needs replacing you may want to consider a Solid State Drive. Read More

So, what are you waiting for and start enjoying your PC again!
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