Laptop Screen Repair

Broken Screen? It could happen to anyone.
We can take care of that!

If you accidentally crack the screen on your laptop computer or it has simply failed and not working correctly, it may cost less than you think.
We've been replacing laptop screens for over 17 years with a solid one year warranty. We'll advice you with a free honest estimate if it's worth replacing the screen on your particular laptop or if it's time to buy a new one, ether way you'll be able to make an informed decision at no cost to you.
If your laptop has a black or dark screen, it's usually the backlight that is defective. On older laptops it will have a CCFL "Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light" backlight with an inverter circuit to power the bulb, and on newer screens it will have a more efficient LED "Light Emitting diode" backlight. There is also a chance that if the screen is completely dark, it may not be a screen problem but something else.
Other failures may include flickering screen, rainbow colors, total white screen, a solid line or lines, and dark stripes on the screen. These are just a few of the common failures.
So, give us a call for a FREE laptop screen repair quote today!

Our Screen Repair Service

  • The replacement screens we use are absolutely the same screen as the ones used to install during production run by laptop manufactures.
  • The new screens come with a 1 Year warranty.
  • Over 20 years' experience!
  • Free tune-up included!

Other Screen Issues

  • Flashing screen
  • Dark screen
  • Dim screen
  • Faded colors
  • Blurry screen
  • Lines in screen
  • Dead pixels

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