Don’t Worry, we've got you covered!

Infected? Don't worry we got it covered!

When your PC or laptop gets infected, we're here to help!
The Internet is a dangerous place without security or having a second rate security software. It is also important to get the computer clean before any more damage can occur. That is why we not only remove the infection but also recommend an excellent Security Software and instruct you on how to avoid infections.

Common symptoms from infections

  • Lost your home page, now opens to different site!
  • Computer runs slow.
  • Advertisements showing up in your browser on sites that you've never seen ads on before.
  • Starts then recycles to the beginning.
  • Current security software gone or won't open.
  • Pop-up warning you about infection and you can't exit out.
  • Seems to be connected to modem or router but there is no internet.
  • All icons and folders missing under All Program.

Malicious files can range from just scamming you for a few bucks to stealing important information like, credit card numbers, passwords to important accounts, stealing email address to spread infections.
If you think your computer is infected or maybe you're not sure, call or email us and we can diagnose it for you.


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