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Meet Firefox Quantum. Fast for good.


A powerful, new engine that’s built for rapidfire performance. Better, faster page loading that uses less computer memory. Gorgeous design and smart features for intelligent browsing.

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Mozilla Firefox Quantum

2x Faster

Crazy powerful browser engine? Check. Less time waiting around for pages to load? Also, check. Get the best Firefox yet.

30% lighter than Chrome

Less memory usage means more space for your computer to keep running smoothly. Your other programs will thank you.

Smooth browsing

Whether you’ve opened 10 or 1000, switching between tabs is faster than ever with Firefox’s new, responsive engine.

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Mozilla Firefox Quantum

editor rating: NONE
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Editor: Michael Muchmore
Date: November 14, 2017
editor rating: NONE
(no rating)
Date: November 16, 2017

Mozilla Firefox

If you switched from Firefox to Google Chrome because of speed, try the new revamped Firefox Quantum, it not only blocks those annoying ads to load the page faster but also makes it a pleasure to surf the web.
Some of the features & benefits are:

  • Free!
  • The most powerful private browsing mode with added tracking protection.
  • Some ads have hidden trackers that follow you online. Rude. We know. That’s why our powerful tool stops them cold.
  • By blocking some ads and scripts that bog down browsing, pages load up to 44% faster. Now that’s a win-win.
  • Library: Save time! Find all your favorite content like Pocket saves, bookmarks, browsing history, screenshots and downloads in one spot.
  • Sync your devices: Seamlessly access passwords, bookmarks and more. Plus, use our Send Tabs feature to instantly share open tabs between desktop, mobile and tablet.

No other browser gives you so much control over your digital footprint.

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