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When a problem arises with your computer, we're here to help!
Whether it's from malware, adware, software issues, hardware failures, boot-up problems, internet issues, or just running slow, give us a call today!
We've been serving Palm Beach County for over 20 years. We can come to you or bring it in, either way we'll get the job done!
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Fast Service

When you need it! Call or email!

FREE Diagnostics

We offer FREE diagnostics, so you can bring it in worry free of any charges because if you don't want it repaired there's NO CHARGE!
If you can't bring it in we can pick it up for you for a small fee ($25 within our service area).

In-Home Service

We offer In-Home service for your convenience. 90% of computer problems can be solved on site.
Our standard hourly rate is $50.00 first hour and $25.00 each half hour after that (within our service area). There is a minimum one hour charge. Within the hour we will inform you on the best course of action if not already resolved.

Drop-Off Service

While In-Home service is ideal for most situations, Drop-Off service offer a lot of advantages and savings for example, time consuming repairs like operating system reinstall, heavily infected with viruses, hard drive replacement, operating system upgrade, and so on will have a "flat rate fee" approved by the customer before the work is done.
You may also just want to know if it's worth repairing, and so we offer free diagnostic.
Intermittent problems, occurring infrequent that take time to diagnose.
If you're not sure, just drop it off and let us take care of that for you!

Common Problems

  • Clinking on browser icon (IE, Firefox, Chrome) and is slow to open site.
  • Advertising pop-up's and redirecting to other sites.
  • Blue screen at startup.
  • Starts then recycles to the beginning.
  • Computer runs slow.
  • Pop-up warning you that you're infected, and you can't exit out.
  • Computer won't start.
  • Seems to be connected to modem or router but there is no internet.
  • Getting warnings and messages to call for support.
  • Can't access email due to incorrect password.

These are just a few of the common problems.
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