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Software Support FAQ's

I get annoying pop-ups, what should I do?

The important pop-ups that need your attention would be your security software, Adobe and your Windows update, all others would depend on what you have installed and if you use it.
If you think you're spyware or adware infected you can download FREE Malwarebytes and run the scan.
Make sure to "Select all items found" at the end of the scan, if it found spyware or adware click the Quarantine button.
You can download Malwarebytes through our menu under support then downloads.

Why is my computer running slow?

There are many reasons why a computer may run slow, but I'll give you the most common problems to check for.

  1. Older processors are not fast enough to handle the newer larger websites or software, requiring more data to be processed. If you have an older single core processor, you need to check with the Task Manager to see if it's staying at 100% for too long, if it is, you need to find the culprit in the processes tab.
  2. Also, there could be more software running in the background and using up more RAM, hard drive access, and CPU access. It can be check with the task manager.
  3. A virus, spyware, adware, can slow it to a crawl.
    A corrupt registry can also cause problems.
    Hard drive speed failure.
    So bring it in for a free diagnostic!

For more information on how computer speed works, you can read our February 2012 newsletter for a more detail explanation. It's available in our e-Newsletter page through our menu.

My HP network printer does not connect anymore, why?

HP printers will sometimes change their address automatically and that is sometimes the problem.
You can avoid this problem by setting it to a static address, that info should be available on the HP website.
Also sometimes just a reboot will solve the problem (not sleep mode).

I have Windows XP or Vista, can I upgrade to IE11?

Sorry, Microsoft stop support for Windows XP (End of life) and Vista (End of life).
The good news is that you can use Firefox and it's better that IE11.
You can download Firefox from our download page.
Note: Google stopped Chrome support for Windows XP, Vista and older versions of OS X.

How do I check to see what version of Internet Explorer I have?

Open IE and click on help then "About Internet Explorer". On newer versions click the gear on the top right then "About Internet Explorer".

Why can't I open some attachments in my email?

The attachment in your email can be a picture, video, document or just about any file. If you're getting a message asking you which program you want to use to open it, you probably don't have the software needed. You can read our May 2012 newsletter for a more detail explanation. It's available in our e-Newsletter page.

How can I check my internet speed?

The address is, type it in the address bar.

What is the difference between the address bar and a search bar?

The search bar is intended for searching only when you use a search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc. The address bar is for when you have the exact web address like Newer browsers now have the capability to search in the address bar depending on the setting and default search engine.
You can read our July 2012 newsletter for a more detail explanation. It's available in our e-Newsletter page.

My security software is going to expire, should I renew it?

It depends, if it's not Norton Security then we recommend uninstalling what you have and installing the Norton Security.
You can also download a free Anti-Virus program from our download page but we recommend Norton Security as of 2018.

What is Java and do I need it?

Java is rarely used anymore by websites. There are still some websites that require you have it installed for their site to work, but we recommend uninstalling it. If it's needed the website will let you know so you can download and install it. Spyware loves Java and that is why we suggest that you uninstall it unless you really need it. If you use Java make sure to keep it up to date.

What is Adobe Flash Player and do I need it?

Adobe Flash is much less necessary than it's ever been. Modern mobile platforms like Android and Apple’s iOS don’t offer Flash support at all, and that’s slowly pushing Flash out of the web.
So in short, uninstall it and see if you need it. You can read more about the Adobe Flash in our July 2015 newsletter, it's available in our e-Newsletter page.

Hardware Support FAQ's

My computer won't turn on anymore, what can I do?

Sometimes electrical storms or spikes will cause electronics like computers and printers to freeze.
You can try removing the power from the unit and wait 20 seconds and plug it back in and see if it works.
If it still doesn't turn on, then bring it in for a free diagnostic.

My computer is running hot, what can I do?

It could be your heat sink is clog, give us a call so we can look at it for you.

I change the batteries on my wireless keyboard or mouse and now it doesn't work?

Sometime accidentally the batteries are put in the wrong way so check to make sure they are in correctly. Also depending on the model of your keyboard or mouse you may have to press the button on the receiver and then the button on the keyboard or mouse to sync them. These are small buttons located under the keyboard or mouse.

My printer is printing blank pages, what can I do?

It could be a bad print head or just that the ink has dried out. If you use the printer often then it's most likely the print head is bad. If it has been a while from the last time you use it, it could be the ink has dried and you'll have to purchase new ink.

I lost the sound, what can I do?

Sometime people accidentally mute the sound. Check your speaker icon on the bottom right of the taskbar to make sure it's not muted.

Should I get a backup drive?

That depends on the user. Some people do not save anything on their computers, no picture, documents, etc. The question you have to ask yourself is, if my computer died tomorrow would I lose important information (do not include internet info like your banks or webmail), if you answered yes, then you need a backup source, if not, then you're ok. For more information regarding how to backup read our May 2013 and January 2015 newsletters, available through our menu.